Portable wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to access elevated stages and platforms in multiple locations. These portable devices are ideal for event-driven locations like performance stages as well as school cafeterias, auditoriums, and places of worship. Available in New Jersey, Ascension wheelchair lifts are amongst the best products in the market. Ascension portable wheelchair lifts come with a large platform that can easily accommodate all models of wheelchairs including conventional adult wheelchairs, child wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and sports wheelchairs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors in a variety of environments, including residential buildings, healthcare centers, offices, public and private hospitals, educational institutions, and auditoriums.  Safe, attractive, durable, and user-friendly, Ascension portable wheelchair lifts come with the following features:

  • Compact and self-contained saves floor space
  • Quiet operation
  • Easily storable when not in use
  • Slim profile platform frame
  • Safety sensors
  • Large window area

Customers can choose from various models of Ascension portable wheelchair lifts:

  • Protégé This fully portable, unenclosed and self-contained lift is an economical option that provides access to stages, platforms, risers, and other elevation changes up to 42″ high. It can be easily operated by the user. The device requires no additional components or structural modifications to set up. Featuring a slim profile platform frame, the lift eliminates the need for a pit or access ramp on the lower landing side and facilitates easy and direct entry into the lift at floor level. Built-in casters ensure portability and easy movement over hard, level surfaces.
  • Virtuoso This compact, self-contained unit provides access to stages and platforms. It is an ideal choice for educational institutions, government facilities, convention centers, historic buildings, auditoriums, arenas, places of worship, hotels, conference centers, museums, parks, and recreational facilities, and more. The device rolls on its own casters and does not need an access ramp or machine tower to set up. The safety features of this wheelchair lift include an emergency stop button, electro-mechanical interlock, slip-resistant platform, self-closing platform gates, constant pressure operating switches, grounded electrical system, grab bars, and gate switches.
  • Clarity 16E This vertical wheelchair lift, which requires no installation pit or entry ramp, comes with a wide range of standard features for extra safety and convenience. It needs only 4 feet of clear width for installation on the existing floor and can reach a height of up to 14 feet. The device features a dual-cylinder drive system that mounts directly to the upper landing face, leaving 3 clear sides to maintain an air of spaciousness. The Clarity 16E footprint is only 48.13″ wide and its ultra-thin platform floor permits surface-level entry with no ramp and no installation pit.

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