Nationwide Lifts developed the Artisan Elevators series to offer its clients an ultra-luxury alternative to off the shelf elevators.

Home elevators are becoming more common, with many types of smaller elevators with a hydraulic or winding drum lift easily installed in most medium-sized homes. As with all products, high-end and luxury options are available, and Artisan Elevators offers custom elevators for your luxury home that not only give you the convenience of an elevator but the sophisticated design to match the décor of your home, limited only by your imagination.

The types, styles, size and shape of elevators that our designers can create are next to infinite. Some of the options that we carry for custom home elevators include glass elevators, panoramic elevators, and glass panoramic elevator styles, included a birdcage style design available for viewing in our showroom. The interior design for an elevator can include various materials for elevator panel designs, including high-quality metals like brass and copper in solid plates or with decorative metal work, exotic woods, and leather.

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