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Day Elevator & Lift would like to visit your firm to present a free AIA Accredited Lunch & Learn Seminar.

We are now pleased to offer you five different AIA Lunch & Learn Seminars to choose from, based on your company’s interests:
  • ADA Design Standards for Limited Use Limited Application Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts
  • Guide to Home Elevators
  • Dumbwaiters and Material Handling Conveyors*
  • Glass Home Elevators
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators
  • Commercial Elevators
These are our AIA registered courses that provide attendees with one (1) CU/HSW Learning view of design and planning for architects, engineers, and builders. The learning objectives for the courses are as follows:

I. ADA Design Standards for LULA Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts

AIA Accredited Lunch And Learn Seminars

Commercial KLEEMANN Elevator

  • ADA Compliance Issues (as they apply to Wheelchair lifts and LULA Elevators)
  • Commercial Elevators – LULA’s – Limited Use Limited Application
  • Wheelchair Lifts – interior and exterior applications / Vertical and Incline
  • Understand applicable codes and regulations for LULA Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts

II. Guide to Home Elevators

  • Review various applications for home elevators
  • Identify common features and the four main types of elevator drive systems
  • Analyze site requirements and project timelines
  • Understand codes and regulations applicable to residential elevators

III. Dumbwaiter and Material Handling Conveyors*

  • Differentiate between code guidelines for dumbwaiters and material lifts
  • Review various applications of dumbwaiters and material lifts
  • Review Drive system options
  • Identify and analyze site requirements and project timelines
  • Understand applicable codes and requirements for dumbwaiters and material handling conveyors

* While this seminar/webinar is still offered upon request, architects will no longer receive AIA certificates of continuing education learning credits.

IV. Glass Home Elevator

AIA Accredited Lunch And Learn Seminars

Residential Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator in Freeport, NY

  • Review the variety of applications of glass private home elevators
  • Review of drive system
  • Identify and analyze site requirements and project timeline
  • Understand applicable codes and regulations for glass private home elevators

V. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

  • Private residential elevator codes
  • Design and Layout in retrofit vs new construction
  • Drive system requirements
  • Aesthetics / Finishes
  • Construction by others
  • Project management and timelines

VI. Commercial Elevators

  • History and categories of elevators (Hydraulic and Traction)
  • Elevator Design, Specifications and Loads
  • Elevator Safety (Codes and Regulations)
  • Environmental Performance
  • Accessibility (ADAAG Landings & Limited Use / Limited Application (Lula) Design)

Participants will gain a broader understanding of their chosen Learning Seminar equipment. At the conclusion, of the presentation, be assured that your presenter will also provide an opportunity to entertain any questions or concerns attendees may have regarding accessibility issues as they relate to any current or pending commercial projects.

AIA Accredited Lunch & Learn Seminar

Lunch & Learn Session for AIA Continuing Education credits with Corporate Design of America.

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What Our Previous Attendees Have To Say

“Evan Petrower provided us with a great presentation on the design standards and considerations to made when scheduling a LULA or wheelchair lift on our projects. Our presentation was engaging and hammered home key points, making sure the knowledge stuck. The scheduling process was a breeze thanks to Dianne Iozzia who accommodated our needs as a hybrid firm on a tight schedule. I’d highly recommend their CEUs to any design firm looking to educate their staff on Limited Use Limited Application elevators, wheelchair lifts and commercial elevators.”

Julius Freyra, EQ Architects
“Evan P. came to our office and gave a great presentation on the many benefits of installing either a platform lift or a LULA elevator. He explained how each could provide accessibility to new and existing buildings.”
Michael Mallia, DiProperzio & Mallia Architects