Businesses that require lifting and moving heavy objects in a safe manner, can save money, time and energy on the job by investing in material lifts.

Proudly serving Long Island, New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator & Lift offers premium quality material lifts to meet material handling and transportation needs in retail, restaurants, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, factories, offices, and other facilities. Our product line includes innovative models from established manufacturers such as Giant Lift, Matot, PFlow Industries, Waupaca, Elevation Innovation, and Savaria.

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Convenient and Easy to Operate Materials Handling Lifts

A material lift elevator offers a safe, convenient and efficient way of moving materials from one level to the next. DAY offers top quality lifting equipment ranging in size, capacity and lift height.

Designed with top-quality specifications and features, the commercial material handling lifts we offer ensure consistent and stable performance and are ideal for a variety of material handling applications such as lifting warehouse materials, carts, building materials, supplies, or any other specific needs.