Elevator violations are a serious matter and can result in civil penalties, fines, and even shutdown if not corrected in time. As a licensed elevator maintenance company, DAY Elevator & Lift offers inspections and violation removals for its customers in New York and New Jersey.

It is the responsibility of building owners to have their accessibility device tested for safety compliance annually. DAY can arrange for qualified and licensed inspectors to inspect and test your device and ensure that it meets all related American with Disabilities Act (ADA) conditions and state and local compliance requirements. We also undertake filings of the inspection reports. Our inspection services are available for elevators, wheelchair/stairway lifts, dumbwaiters and limited use, and limited access devices (LULA). Use the form on this page to schedule a Violations removal visit.

If violations are found during the inspection, we promptly correct the issues. Our experienced technicians can restore accessibility equipment back to full working condition quickly and efficiently. We help you to:

  • promptly obtain the permit to make the corrections
  • answer the notification of the violations
  • resolve the violations
  • file the proof of correction in a timely manner

Our prompt and efficient annual inspections and violations correction services will ensure that your device receives the necessary Certificate of Operation.

All-inclusive Services to Maintain the Efficiency of Accessibility Equipment

To keep elevators and other accessibility devices safe and functional and help our customers avoid violations penalties, we offer the following services:

  • Professional installation by factory-trained experts
  • Maintenance services
  • Repairs of all types of elevators and lifts
  • Category 1 and Category 5 testing
  • Violations removal to help clear violations
  • Modernization of accessibility equipment in minimal time

We also keep our customers informed about the enforcement of changing regulations and code updates so that they can keep their building and equipment violation free.

To learn more about our violations removal services, contact us at 800-758-5438.

Code Violations Removal Visit

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