Ascension, a division of AGM in Tucson, Arizona, USA, manufactures portable and permanent vertical wheelchair lifts for educational institutions, convention centers, auditoriums, arenas, churches and synagogues, company offices, hotels, retail stores, government offices, and many other facilities. Ascension wheelchair lifts provide individuals with disabilities access to stages, platforms and similar elevated surfaces.

At DAY Elevator & Lift, we supply three premium quality wheelchair lift models from this reliable manufacturer. The ADA-compliant Ascension wheelchair lifts we offer are – Virtuoso, Protégé and Clarity 16E.

The Virtuoso and Protégé come with industry-standard safety features such as self-closing gates, gate interlocks, GFCI for electrical protection (portable lifts only), slip-resistant surfaces, emergency hand pump and ASME A18.1 structural safety factors.

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