Which are the popular brands of stair lifts models you supply?

We offer premium models of stair lifts manufactured by established companies including Savaria, Bruno and Harmar. The various stair lift models that we offer from these manufacturers are ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings.

Do you provide warranty for your stair lifts?

Yes, of course. Our entire collection of stair lift models come with standard warranty options and are very durable and dependable.

Can you suggest a few handy models of stair lifts suitable for my residential space?

Our branded stair lift models are ideal for residential environments. Here are some of them:
Stairfriend Stairlift

Which are the major brands of elevator models you supply?

We supply elevator models from recognized manufacturers such as Cambridge Elevating, Savaria, Stiltz, Garaventa Lift, and more.

What are the main safety features of your elevators?

All our elevator models have top class safety features. The major features that you can find include door interlocks, manual emergency lowering button, slack rope safety system, emergency stop switch, lockable control panel, motion activated cab lights, digital floor indicator lights, and more.

Do you offer Dumbwaiters?

Yes, we are distributors of a complete line of dumbwaiters that are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces from well-known brands such as Matot, Harmar, and Waupaca.

Is it necessary to have a pit if I want to install a residential elevator in my home?

This depends on the model you select. Some of the elevator models require a pit, while many others can be installed without a pit. The major convenience of the pitless elevators is that they can be easily installed in existing applications without going for expensive reinforcing or slab cuts.

Will my home lift work during a power outage?

Modern stair lifts can be battery operated too. The length of time they would continue to operate depends on the staircase length.

How can I select the right elevator for my residential or commercial space?

Our panel of experts is well-versed about different elevator models. They would be able to advise you on the model of elevator that best suits your needs, taking into account the architecture of your settings.

What should I do to purchase your products?

Please fill up and forward the free consultation request form available in our website. You can also give us a call. We can offer quality solutions to suit that your requirements within a short span of time.

Do I have to get my home elevator serviced often?

Home elevators need to be serviced. We offer repair and maintenance of all the accessibility devices we supply.