In 1888, a master carpenter named Duffy Matot founded Matot, Inc. He started the company with a vision to provide refrigeration equipment and primitive dumbwaiters to the many taverns and shops throughout the area. The facilities are located in Bellwood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Product Line from Matot

Matot serves both residential and commercial clients. Offering an extensive product line, Matot serves a broad range of industries including medical facilities, offices, retail stores, libraries, schools, nursing homes, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and other commercial environments. With this Matot dumbwaiter, you can transport an almost endless variety of materials safely and efficiently.

Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty models have net load capacities of 100 to 2500 pounds and can lift from two to ninety stories, and up to 300 feet per minute.

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