Light Duty / Dumbwaiter




In commercial buildings such as banks, entertainment centers, high rise buildings, and sports complexes, this dumbwaiter can be used to lift a wide variety of things - medical or legal records, wheeled carts and more. Though it consumes less space than an elevator, it allows for transport of goods up to 200 pounds between the floors of your home. Whether moving laundry, groceries, firewood, luggage or supplies up and down many levels, dumbwaiters will save space, time and money compared to elevators.


  • Lift distance up to 50 feet
  • Counter height loading
  • Utilizes vertical bi-parting type doors as selected
  • UL listed door locks
  • Architectural grade stainless steel or primed finishes
  • Commercial grade construction throughout
  • Performance proven commercial grade drive system
  • UL approved microprocessor control systems
  • Equipment complies with all National Code requirements
  • Low cost installation
  • Minimum maintenance requirements


Other optional features include manually operated vertical bi-parting slide up, slide down and swing type UL fire rated entrances and security systems – key locks and keypads. Custom car size options are also available. The maximum area of the car platform is 576 inches (W x D). The maximum height of a Light Duty car is 3′-0″ (36 inches) tall.


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