Ascension Virtuoso




The Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift is a compact, self-contained unit that allows people with disabilities access to stages and platforms. It is the ideal choice for educational institutions, government facilities, convention centers, historic buildings, auditoriums, arenas, places of worship, hotels, conference centers, museums, parks and recreational facilities, and more. The lift rolls on its own casters and can be moved by one person.


  • Does not need an access ramp or machine tower to set up
  • No building alterations or site preparations required
  • Safe, attractive, durable, and user-friendly
  • Casters can be easily attached and removed
  • Compact and self-contained, saves floor space
  • Quiet operation
  • Easily storable when not in use
  • One lift can provide accessibility in multiple locations
  • Weather-hardened for temporary outdoor use
  • Blends into any interior architecture and décor


  • Lifting capacity: 750 pounds
  • Vertical speed: seven (7) fpm
  • Vertical travel: 12″ to 60″, infinitely adjustable
  • Platform size: 36″ x 54″ with 43″ high sidewalls and platform gates
  • Can be relocated through doorways as narrow as 36″ using the compression feature
  • Windows: high impact strength clear thermoplastic
  • Platform, base frame, and lifting device – ASTM A 36, AISI 1018, or AISI 1020 steel
  • Exposed metal surfaces finished with an oven-baked powder coating
  • Standard color: black
  • Safety devices: grounded electrical system, 12 VDC operating controls, constant pressure operating switches, emergency stop button at passenger control station, electro-mechanical interlock to prevent accidental opening of platform gate, gate switches, grab bar, slip resistant platform, self-closing platform gates, and more


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