Wheelchair lifts are a great support for people with a physical disability, as well as the elderly who use wheelchairs because of mobility issues. Ascension’s commercial wheelchair lifts are ideal for diverse settings such as schools, churches, office buildings, museums, and much more. They require no machine tower or installation pit and are ADA-compliant to provide access for elevations up to 14 feet. They are provided with all applicable operating and safety features for compliance with ADA standards.

Each Ascension wheelchair lift is manufactured in Tucson, AZ, USA. For over 20 years, Ascension has been committed to quality in all phases of manufacturing with industry-leading innovations. Ascension portable models ship as fully assembled products and do not require installation.

Platform Lifts – Reliable Ascension Series

  • Protégé – Both portable and permanent Protégé models boast a large ADA-compliant platform. Ascension portable wheelchair lifts are the preeminent choice for facilities that need flexible and convenient ADA access, often in several locations with multiple performance stages. Portable lifts with no machine tower or access ramp are designed for one person and can be set up quickly. It needs as little as 52” of clear width for installation, and floor-level entry keeps the footprint small by eliminating the need for access ramps.
  • Virtuoso – Unmatched for safe, attractive, and quiet wheelchair access, this lift comes with key features including full rigid safety skirting, an electro-hydraulic drive train, and a sleek, low profile. This series was introduced in 2005, and incorporated significant innovations such as rigid safety skirting and a slim-profile car floor. It is perfect for landings and stages up to 5 feet high. The lift’s permanent model mounts directly on the existing floor with no installation pit, and yet it needs no access ramp.
  • Clarity 16E – This enclosed model can reach heights up to 14 feet and can fit into tight spaces. It needs only 4 feet of clear width for installation on the existing floor; no pit or access ramp required. Along with enhancing a venue’s image, it also maintains a user’s sense of dignity. The lift’s footprint is only 48.13″ wide, and its ultra-thin platform floor permits surface-level entry with no ramp and no installation pit. Users won’t have to dig up the existing floor or demolish walls to squeeze in their new lift.

When choosing an accessibility device, make sure you partner with an experienced dealer that provides excellent after-sales services including professional installation, repair and maintenance support and 24/7 on-call service to keep your equipment in good working condition all the time.