Mechanical ceiling lifts make life easier for both patients and caregivers. Manually lifting patients can lead to musculoskeletal injury in caregivers, often with disastrous consequences that prevent them from continuing in their occupation. Injuries may be caused when lifting patients, transferring them from one surface to another, and repositioning them on the bed. With a ceiling lift, all this can be accomplished with just the push of a button.

Both fixed and portable ceiling lifts are available in the market today. The main benefits that these devices offer in a health care setting relate to:

  • Patient safety
  • Improved working conditions
  • Optimal use of resources

Patient safety: Exposure to shear forces due to pulling and moving is one of the main reasons for pressure sores in patients. When a patient is manually pulled or not lifted correctly, it can result in friction between the patient’s skin and the surface. In a busy health care setting, staff may inadvertently or accidentally injure patients when attempting to move them. A ceiling lift takes care of such issues as it enables smooth and safe patient transfer.

Improved working conditions: Compared to workers in other industries, caregivers are more prone to musculoskeletal injuries and this is due to patient lifting tasks. Manual handling results in lower back load, increasing the risk of physical deterioration. The negative effects on the spine anatomy include muscle, ligament, and disc and nerve damage. The complexity of such injuries leads to increased absence from work. By easing the patient transfer task, ceiling lifts are a big boon for health care workers. Moreover, as they are attached to the ceiling, they also improve cramped workspaces.

Optimal use of resources: With ceiling lifts, health care facilities can save resources in that fewer staff are needed to move and position patients. This can also save time in moving patients to perioperative areas, critical care, and ER.

Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer quality portable and fixed ceiling lifts from leading brands such as Prism Medical. Partnering with the right dealer would ensure customized installation and maintenance support. Call Day Elevator & Lift today at (800) 758-5438 for a free consultation, or set up a home inspection through our online contact form, and learn all you need to know about installing ceiling lifts in your facility.