Patient handling tasks like manual lifting, transferring and repositioning are the major cause of musculoskeletal injuries among caregivers and nursing staff. Over-exertion injuries may occur while lifting patients, transferring them from one surface to another, and repositioning them on the bed. Ceiling lifts make life easier for both patients and caregivers. These lifts allow caregivers to transfer people who cannot move independently between wheelchair and bed or other furniture due to decreased mobility, strength, balance, coordination or other health issues. Leading dealers in accessibility devices offer various models of ceiling lifts in New Jersey from top brands like Handicare. Fixed ceiling lifts run on a track fixed to the ceiling. Portable ceiling lifts, on the other hand, can transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair or bed to a bathtub. Integrated with several advanced features, these lifts ensure safe, comfortable and dignified patient transfer. High quality ceiling lifts come with an impressive array of features-

  • Carry bar – Attached to the ceiling lift strap, the carry bar acts as the attachment point to the patient sling.
  • Ceiling track – The ceiling track serves to carry the ceiling lift and/or track accessories. (if it is a permanent track installed on the ceiling). On the other hand, a traverse track moves along fixed rails to allow for lift usage in all areas that the track encompasses.
  • Digital display – This LCD readout displays lift operation, battery level, number of lifts, lift counter and other diagnostics.
  • Built-in ergonomic handle – The ergonomic handle allows the caregiver to carry and transport the patient with ease. The handle also doubles to allow for transfers through a door, with no modifications required to the door header.
  • Manual lowering access – The lift can be lowered or raised manually using the allen key.
  • Auto shut off – This feature helps in conserving battery life when the lift is not in use.
  • Color-coded battery light – This light indicates when battery charging is required.
  • Safety mechanisms – Safety mechanisms include – soft start/stop button, audio and visual low battery indicators, over speed governor, built-in safety limits, automatic stop, electric hand control, slack strap sensor, emergency lowering and built-in safety limits.
  • Pneumatic hand control – The pneumatic two-button hand control enables up and down functions without the need for electrical wiring.
  • Quick release carry bar – The QRS carry bar attachment allows the lift’s carry bar to be changed quickly and easily.
  • End-stop charger – Fixed ceiling lift models permanently installed in the track come with both an end-stop charger and charger docking station.

With a ceiling lift, a single caregiver can carry out patient transfer quickly, at just the push of a button. This reduces the risk of injuries to the caregiver and also improves the quality of transfer. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer high quality Handicare portable and fixed ceiling lifts in New Jersey. Partnering with the right dealer would ensure customized installation and maintenance support.