Ceiling lifts are designed to transfer patients in a safe, dignified, and comfortable way. They make life easier for caregivers who perform manual lifting, repositioning, and transferring activities. In fact, patient handling tasks are recognized as the major cause of over-exertion injuries among the nursing workforce working in healthcare settings ranging from acute care hospitals or ambulatory facilities. According to reports from the United States Department of Labor (2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics), musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as sprains or strains resulting from overexertion in lifting, accounted for 31 percent of the total cases for all workers. The main concerns are back injuries and shoulder strains which can be severely debilitating. This mobility device is also a great help for people who cannot move independently between a wheelchair and bed or other furniture due to decreased mobility, strength, balance, coordination, or other health issues. A ceiling lift is a mechanical device that is mounted on the ceiling along with a battery-powered motor that simply lifts the person using the sling. A portable system uses two posts to suspend the track. It helps overcome mobility barriers while keeping the floor space free. Installing ceiling lifts can significantly reduce or eliminate transfer-related injuries among both patients and caregivers, and are the ideal option for rooms where space is limited.

Leading dealers serving New York and New Jersey offer different types of ceiling lifts such as fixed and portable models. Fixed lifts reside on a track system that functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution. On the other hand, portable models can be easily connected and disconnected by the caregiver from different types of ceiling track systems. One of the primary advantages of using ceiling lifts is that it helps to overcome major mobility barriers while keeping the floor space free. The ceiling track frees up floor space by allowing a less cluttered room and home living space. Top models of ceiling lifts are integrated with several easy-to-use controls and quality safety features such as sling system attached to a ceiling track, emergency stop controls, emergency stop controls (accessible from floor level option), hand control and/or control panel and more to make transfer safe, smooth and effortless for patients. The benefits of installing ceiling lifts are:

  • Easy patient or senior lifting, lowering, and horizontal transport
  • Enhanced patient mobility and independence
  • Increased patient comfort and security during transfers
  • Suitable for use in rehabilitation and therapy rooms
  • Reduced patient falls, skin tears, abrasions, and severity of injuries
  • Require zero floor space and can be used in space-restricted areas such as small bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Can lift directly from floor provided track is installed directly above
  • Can be easily operated even by a frail/elderly caregiver

Partnering with a reliable dealer in accessibility equipment for the purchase of ceiling lifts is important. An established dealer will provide hassle-free installation as well as timely and efficient maintenance support to keep the equipment in excellent working condition. Let the professionals at Day Elevator & Lift help you. Contact us at (800) 758-5438 or fill out our online contact form.