Tasks like manual lifting, transferring and repositioning people can cause injuries in caregivers. Ceiling lifts ease the patient handling task and minimize caregivers’ risk of injury during patient transfer. These lifts enable safe and dignified patient transfer at just the push of a button. They help to move people with mobility issues to and from one room to another or from the bed to the wheelchair, shower or toilet. Authorized dealers in accessibility devices offer top-quality fixed and portable ceiling lifts in New Jersey. Handicare Portable ceiling lifts offer greater flexibility and can be moved from room to room, to different tracks. One of the major advantages of these lifts is that they can be easily and quickly set up as and when patient transfer is required.

Handicare ceiling lifts are designed for easy, compact and convenient patient transfer. The lift motor unit functions both as the motor and as the carry bar from which the sling is suspended. These lifts come i with a wide range of safety mechanisms such as –

  • Overspeed governor
  • Built-in safety limits
  • Slack strap sensor
  • Emergency lowering
  • Pneumatic hand control
  • On-board controls

Handicare Portable Ceiling Lifts – Top Three Models

Let’s take a look at three top models of portable ceiling lifts from Handicare:

  • P-300 – An ideal solution for rehab settings as well as homes, the P-300 weighs less than 7 lbs and can lift up to a maximum height of up to 78″ (198 cm). It can be moved between rooms and various ceiling tracks. Featuring a small and compact design, P-300 is equipped with a wide range of prominent safety features such as – overspeed governor, built-in load limits, and slack tape sensors. The auto shut-off feature conserves battery life.
  • P-440 – Operated by a single caregiver, this portable ceiling lift can lift up to 440 lbs (200 kgs). Its comfortable, ergonomic handle provides a connection point to allow for room-to-room transfers. Other standard features include – on-board controls, pneumatic hand control, lifting range: up to 80″ (200 cm), positive locking latches, built-in safety limits, and emergency lowering.
  • P-600 – An ideal choice when it comes to higher weight transfers, the P-600 comes with waterproof on-board pneumatic hand controls, ensuring superior reliability even for bath transfers. It features an optional cart that can be moved from room to room, lowering the initial investment for facilities. Digital display provides real-time feedback as well as indicates battery life and lift counts for required maintenance. An articulating carry bar allows the lift to sit safely and upright on a cart for easy transport.

Choose a Reliable Dealer

In addition to supplying these quality ceiling lifts in New Jersey, established dealers provide excellent customer support and timely and efficient maintenance services to keep the equipment in good working order.