Moving around in the house can be a difficult task for elders and disabled people especially if there are stairs to deal with. Climbing up and down the stairs can be a nightmare for people who have difficulty using the stairs, and accidents are more likely to happen while climbing stairs. A stair chair lift is the right solution for mobility impaired people to move around the house safely.

In keeping with the increasing requirement for a safe means of transport from one floor to another, manufacturers offer innovative and user-friendly stairlifts. For instance, products like Acorn stairlift are so advanced that they do not require any structural changes in the house. They are efficient, reliable and designed to suit any home decor. They can be operated easily by anyone but there are certain factors to consider before buying a stairlift.

  • Safety Features: Choosing the right stairlift is very important to ensure the safety of the rider. Reliable stairlifts will have multiple safety features. Typically, the chair and built-in foot rest can be folded up when not in use. These devices have sensors that will stop the stairlift when triggered. It also has a remote control option that allows family members or others to operate the stairlift easily. Safety belts, lockable swivel seats and light touch controls are the other distinguishing features.
  • Type of Stairs: Choosing the right stairlift that suits the needs of the user is very important. Acorn Stairlifts provides various types of stairlifts – straight, curved and outdoor models. Any style of stairlift can be chosen depending on the requirements of the user and the type of stairway. This equipment can be quickly installed because of its modular design, without making much structural modifications to your building.
  • Service and Maintenance Support: This is an important consideration, and you must ensure that your dealer offers reliable after sales support and maintenance services with trained technicians who can address any problems with your stairlift. Models like Acorn Stairlifts meet ISO standards and come with a warranty as well. It can be purchased from reliable dealers in major locations such as New York and New Jersey.