The medical products industry in the United States has witnessed rapid growth from 2009-2014 with increased demand for all types of accessibility products. According to a recent report, an IbisWorld study predicts that industry revenue is expected to grow 7.2% per year on average from its 2009 recessionary low, to reach $79.7 million in 2014.

The report identifies the main drivers of this trend as an ever expanding elderly population and an improving global economy. With higher disposable incomes, people are investing in accessibility devices to resolve their mobility issues. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA has also created new buyers of stairlifts as it has increased the number of Americans with health insurance.

Stair lifts are an ideal option in homes that have staircases which cannot be accessed by the elderly or other family members with mobility problems. With improvements in technology, these devices have become even more safe and comfortable. Most models do not take much space and only require rails to be fixed in an unobtrusive way along the side of the staircase. There are models specifically designed for straight and curved stairways. While vertical stair lifts can be installed without any modifications, curved stairlifts have to be customized for the staircase.

Leading manufacturers offer unique models of these lifts with advanced features such as

  • Lockable swivel seat
  • Swing away arms
  • Powerful rack and pinion drive system
  • Hidden gears
  • Hand held button controls
  • Foot rest obstruction sensors
  • Carriage safety sensors
  • Adjustable seat height and footplate
  • Diagnostic digital display
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Safety belts

Many models come integrated with battery backup facility. Lifts for the outdoors come with a sturdy, weather-proof construction.

Like all accessibility equipment, stairlifts can be costly. Purchasing a stair lift from a professional dealer would ensure competitive pricing as well as customized installation and timely maintenance solution.

The IbisWorld study expects that demand from customers who are able to afford industry products will steadily growing during the five years to 2019.