Installing a stairlift in your home is a great option if you or your loved ones have difficulty with stairs. There are many kinds of stairlifts available in the market and choosing the right one for your home is important. When purchasing a stairlift, it important to make sure about your specific needs and the structure of your building. There are two categories of these devices – straight stairlift and curved stairlifts. Although they both carry people up and down the stairlifts and have similar features, they are different in terms of the type of track they run on. Curved stairgliders are stairgliders which run on rail that can be curved or bend and are suitable for any type of stairs. They are designed to be installed on staircases which are either curved or have bend in them. Curved stairgliders can travel around corners and bends, and even onto the landing. They are custom made to fit your needs. Curved rails are made up of various individual pieces that are fit together to form the rail. However, this model can a take a longer time to design and set up compared to their straight counterpart.

A straight stairlift is meant for a straight staircase without any turns or bends. It tends to stop level with the top step rather than travelling onto the landing. Straight stairlifts are quicker and easier to install and ensure a much smoother ride due to the straight track.

When the straight lift is not in use it is either parked at the bottom or at the top of the staircase level with the landing, whereas curved stairlift can be parked around the sides of the staircase or further away from beginning or ending of the staircase.

Choosing a stair lift depends on the requirement that you want to satisfy. However, curved stairlift can be used on curved staircases and straight staircase. Approaching a reliable dealer is the best way to get a tailored accessibility solution for your home.