If your home has a curved line of stairs with corners or with landings, then installing a Bruno Elite Curved Stair lifts would be an ideal option. More and more people with mobility issues are installing a stair lift in their homes. The device is designed to help the user navigate stairs easily and independently. It eliminates the risk of falls that people with mobility problems face when going up and down the stairs, makes the home more accessible to them, and enhances their independence.  Leading dealers of accessibility equipment offer Bruno curved stair lifts in New Jersey that are integrated with high-end features and will custom-install them to suit staircase configurations. Featuring a unique design, Bruno stairlifts set a new standard for residential accessibility. These reliable, easy-to-use, and durable devices allow users to navigate stairs easily, safely, and independently. Built to precisely follow the angles of your stairs, these devices come with safety features such as obstruction sensors, offset swivel seat, and safety belt that delivers a smooth, safe, and convenient ride to users.

Bruno Curved Stair lifts – Top Models

Bruno Elite Indoor Curved (CRE-2110) – Suitable for homes with spiral staircases, staircases with landings, or even staircases that travel up multiple floors, this model directly mounts to the steps, not the wall. It delivers a safe and effortless ride with subtle power and remarkable stability over any specific stairway configuration. The top or bottom park position option improves safety by extending the rail away from the staircase.

With a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs, CRE-2110 comes with self-locking worm gear and a rack-and-pinion drive system. The two wireless call/send controls make installation simple and clean with no wires running along the wall. The device comes with safety features such as obstruction sensors and a safety belt. An offset swivel seat makes safe entry and exit at the top landing.

Bruno Elite Outdoor Curved (CRE-2110E) – This durable stair chair lift model is designed for curved stairs outside the home. Featuring a total load capacity of 400 lbs, this model comes with weather-protected features which ensure high-quality performance even in extreme temperatures. It features two 12v batteries that provide dependable performance even during power outages. Flip-up arms, seat, and footrest create extra space on steps. Other features include – onboard audio/visual diagnostics, marine-grade vinyl padded seat and armrest, and generous-size seat with multiple height adjustments.

Partner with a reliable dealer

Partnering with a reliable and established dealer is important when buying a stairlift. An experienced dealer in Bruno Curved Stair lifts will ensure a hassle-free custom installation of the device to suit your lifestyle. Let the professionals at Day Elevator & Lift help you. Contact us at (800) 758-5438 or fill out our online contact form for more information about your home elevator options in the New York area. On-call support is available 24 hours a day.