Leading manufacturers offer quality elevators to meet the ever-increasing need for safe and efficient accessibility systems in residential settings. Wurtec’s Paramount Hydraulic elevator blends functionality, safety, and style, making it an ideal choice for multilevel homes in Long Island, New York, and New Jersey.

This elevator has a total weight capacity of 950 lbs and can travel up to 50 feet at a nominal speed of 40 fpm. It is available in both direct and roped versions and does not require a deep cylinder well. It is designed in an attractive brushed stainless steel fixture material and finish. This system is compliant with ASME A17.1 safety standards and comes with features such as: emergency stop switch and alarm, anti-creep operation, slack cable safety device and UL-approved safety door interlock.

In addition to excellent safety, this hydraulic elevator assures efficient performance with a wide range of quality features and options:

  • Manual accordion gates
  • Accordian Gate Material : Vinyl
  • Finished laminate ceiling
  • Recessed incandescent light fixtures
  • Stainless car panels
  • Light Fixtures : (2) 2″ Lights
  • COP
  • Hall Stations Single Button Call
  • Cab Interior and Finishes : Melamine – White, Oak, Birch
  • Gate Finishes : White, Oak, Birch
  • Optional features: battery lowering, emergency light, power gate operator, phone box, and keypad phone

The system also comes with several upgrade options such as: car operating panel-keyed stop switch, hall stations-car arrival indicator, automatic gate operator, cab height-84″x95″, and capacity-750lbs/1400lbs.

Such quality home elevator models can improve the mobility, independence and lifestyle of the elderly and people with special needs while enhancing the value of your residence. This ECL model has configurations for almost every site condition.

Purchase of the Paramount hydraulic elevator from an established accessibility equipment dealer in Long Island will ensure competitive pricing and excellent customer support.