Waupaca dumbwaiters

Moving items between floors become easier than ever with a dumbwaiter from Waupaca. Whether you’re transporting food from a kitchen to an entertaining space or moving essential equipment between levels of your industrial facility, a sturdy, reliable dumbwaiter simplifies the process. In a large multilevel home or business, these convenient small lifts help keep everything running smoothly. Waupaca dumbwaiters, with multiple weight capacities & design options, it’s simple to find the right model for all of your non-passenger vertical transportation needs.

1.  Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use

Versatile Waupaca dumbwaiters work in a variety of spaces. These convenient units save you time by reducing the amount of manual carrying you have to complete, and they reduce the risk of spills and drops, especially when you’re transporting heavy, sensitive, or delicate materials. Install your dumbwaiter directly into a wall and install an exterior door to create a seamless appearance in any room. Some popular uses for a dumbwaiter in a residential or commercial setting include:

  • Lifting packages between an entry area and mailroom
  • Moving groceries to a kitchen on an upper level
  • Transporting clean and dirty laundry between a utility area and living spaces
  • Moving firewood to hearth-equipped rooms
  • Transporting heavy computing equipment to your project area
  • Efficiently removing trash and recyclables from living or work areas
  • Transporting large cases of wine or beer to an entertainment space
  • Bringing full water cooler bottles to a common area or lobby
  • Moving a wheeled cart from floor to floor when ramps are inaccessible
  • Lifting heavier supplies that household members or employees are unable to efficiently carry up or downstairs
  • Move inventory from a basement storage area to upper story retail levels
  • Moving items between levels of a nursing home, medical facility, or assisted living home when employees cannot leave patients alone to handle between-floor transport

2.  Versatile Capacity Options

The style of dumbwaiter you require depends on both your available space and the things you plan to transport. Commercial and residential options are available. Choose from capacity ratings that range from 100 to 500 pounds to handle the kinds of loads you typically transport and pick performance specifications suitable for how often you move items between floors.

3.  Quality Designs

Waupaca dumbwaiters are built to last. A hardened steel frame and rail system ensure that the entire apparatus holds up well to frequent use. Make operation simple with both automatic and manual bi-parting and/or swing doors on your landings. The cars are made of sturdy welded steel for longevity, and intuitive controls make operation simple. Waupaca Elevator Company has been making dumbwaiters and other mobility products since 1957, so you get reliable performance and innovative designs from a company that has stood the test of time.

Residential Dumbwaiter Options

Residential dumbwaiters from Waupaca fit into your multilevel home design to let you conveniently move items upstairs or downstairs more quickly than carrying them. These dumbwaiters are ideal for moving items 50 feet or less, and you can include up to six stops. Residential models are made to handle typical household loads, and manual hand cranks allow for convenient emergency lowering. There are two Waupaca dumbwaiter models suitable for residential use:

  • The 007 Series Cable Waiter features speeds of up to 30 feet per minute and a capacity of 100 pounds. This model uses a single-speed winding drum and a 3/4 HP motor
  • The 011 Series Paca Waiter features speeds of up to 50 feet per minute and a capacity of 200 pounds. This model uses a single-speed winding drum and a 1 HP motor

Both models let you choose between stainless steel or powder-coated steel surfaces, and customers can opt for a classic roll-top cart door or a custom metal bi-part gate. Heavy gauge steel guide rails offer reliable support during use. Removable metal shelves are available inside the dumbwaiter cart, letting you conveniently organize items before sending them up or down to another level. All Waupaca dumbwaiters include a call/send feature that lets you retrieve the car from any level and bring it to where you are.

Commercial Waupaca Dumbwaiters

For commercial settings, including retail shops, restaurants, financial institutions, medical facilities, warehouses, and libraries, Waupaca offers options with higher weight loads, longer track heights, and faster maximum speeds. These units let you easily send items to a different floor without going there yourself, so you can send materials between departments without interrupting your existing workflow or coordinate transport between two areas to be more efficient. Two options for Waupaca commercial dumbwaiters include:

The 311 Series Paca Waiter features speeds of up to 60 feet per minute and a capacity of 300 pounds. This model uses a 2 HP continuous-duty motor with a universal mount for reliable power and performance.

The 511 Series Paca Waiter features speeds of up to 60 feet per minute and a capacity of 500 pounds. This model uses a 3 HP continuous-duty motor with a universal mount.

Like residential dumbwaiters, commercial Waupaca dumbwaiter cars come in stainless steel or powder-coated steel options. These models use commercial hoistway doors to meet safety regulations and ensure code compliance. A 3/16″ steel cable provides support and stability when you’re lifting heavy loads between levels of your business. Both models let you install between two and five stops at various floors and have a maximum track length of 50 feet. A winding drum drive system delivers efficiency and reliability. Add an optional shelf to keep items separate during transport and to maximize the carrying capacity when you’re sending multiple small items at once.

Safety Features on Waupaca Dumbwaiters

Both residential and commercial dumbwaiters include safety features to protect users in your home or workplace. These features help ensure safe, consistent operation in the face of frequent use:

  • Slack Cable Monitoring Devices recognize a change in cable tension to prevent sudden drops that could be caused by a loose cable.
  • UL Certified Controllers ensure that each unit has been tested for safety and complies with local code requirements.
  • Sturdy Car Gates keep items in the car secure during transport while allowing easy access at the end of the journey.
  • Top Final Limit Switches ensure a complete stop that is level with the landing sill to prevent unwanted gaps.

Optional Features on Waupaca Dumbwaiters

Whether you’re installing a residential dumbwaiter in your home or choosing a commercial dumbwaiter for business use, Waupaca dumbwaiters offer optional features to improve the usefulness of your unit. Some common features customers might choose include:

  • A “Car Here” indicator light on the exterior of the dumbwaiter to let you know when your items have arrived at your floor
  • Interior car lights for extra illumination inside the dumbwaiter car that enhances visibility during loading and unloading
  • An “In Use” indicator to let you know when the unit is currently in operation so you can see if the items you’re waiting for have begun their ascent or descent
  • An open-door buzzer that alerts users when the door is open, so you get an audible alert when you are outside the visible range

Ordering a Waupaca Dumbwaiter

When you’re choosing the right Waupaca dumbwaiter for your home or business, the right dealer can help you determine the best options for your particular situation. Rely on Day Elevator & Lift for competitive pricing, expert advice, and impressive after-sales service. We also offer maintenance services to ensure the consistent operation of your Waupaca dumbwaiter. Visit our showroom in West Hempstead, NY, to check out our available dumbwaiter selections, or contact us by calling 1-800-758-5438 for more information.