Commercial dumbwaiters are widely used in retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and restaurants in moving materials with great convenience, safety, and flexibility. A Matot dumbwaiter is a sustainable solution for businesses seeking a reliable material handling system to move cargo vertically between floors. Matot dumbwaiters are custom-built and can transport a range of materials through an array of vertical handling systems, carrying up to 2500 pounds and traveling as fast as 300 feet per minute. These material handling lifts come in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and HEAVY duty lifting models. Their net load capacities range from 100 pounds to 2500 pounds. They feature UL-approved microprocessor control systems, architectural grade stainless steel or primed finishes, commercial-grade construction, and lift distance up to 50 feet. The equipment complies with all National Code requirements.

Matot dumbwaiters can transport an almost endless range of materials safely and efficiently. They come with features that make them easy to install in space-conscious, new constructions or tight retrofitting applications. They come in various models:

Light Duty / Dumbwaiter: 100-200 lbs

  • Counter height loading
  • Space requirements for standard doors
  • Standard speed 50 feet/minute

Medium Duty / Dumbwaiter: 200-750 lbs

  • Floor level or counter height loading
  • Standard speed and drum units
  • Elevator type precision guide rails
  • Standard speed 50 feet/minute

Heavy Duty / Material Lift: 750-2500 lbs

  • Standard speed 40 feet/minute
  • Floor level loading
  • Equally suited for light or heavy loads

Optional security systems for these dumbwaiter models include key locks and keypads.

While the light and medium duty dumbwaiter feature three loading configurations – single side, opposite sides, adjacent side, the heavy-duty material lifts accommodate only two loading configurations.

All these dumbwaiter models come with features that allow them to be customized to fit the unique needs of client projects such as automatically opening and closing landing doors, supporting tower structures, sterile/clean room options, and automatic loading and unloading of materials and carts.

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