Staircases are beautiful constructions in a house and add to the overall beauty and appeal. However, these can be most inconvenient once you develop a disability that prevents you from climbing stairs. Climbing up and down the stairs can be a nightmare for elders and disabled people and accidents are more likely to happen while climbing stairs. A stairlift may be the right solution for mobility impaired people to move around the house safely.

Stairlifts like Acorn Stairlift are so advanced that they do not require any structural changes to be made to your house. They are efficient and designed to suit any home decor. These can be operated easily by anyone. There are two major features that should be considered when buying a stairlift.

Style of Stairlift

Choosing the right stairlift that suits the needs of the user and the type of staircase is very important. Acorn Stairlifts provides various types of stairlifts such as straight, curved and outdoor stairlift. If you have a straight staircase, buy a straight stairlift and for a curved stairway you can choose a curved stairlift. Outdoor stairlifts are installed outside your home. Any style of stairlift can be installed depending on the requirements of the user. A reliable stairlift dealer would ensure quick installation of the stair glider without much structural changes to your house.

Safety Features

When buying a mobility equipment, it is very important to ensure the safety of the rider. Acorn Stairlifts come with various safety features such as built-in foot rest that can be folded up when not in use. These devices have sensors that will stop the stairlift when necessary. Remote control option allows family members alsoto operate the stairlift easily. Other features are safety belts and swivel seats that ensure the safety of the riders.

Acorn Stairlifts meet ISO standards and are available at leading companies supplying mobility equipment in New York and New Jersey. Reliable dealers provide quick installation and excellent maintenance when required.