The Lash Group of Companies and the Goldman Group that are currently developing the magnificent Barrington Condominium Flats in Toronto are making every single effort to design a convenient and lush living for their future residents. The company has recently announced their plans to include an automated elevator parking system in their condominium.

This unique parking system (which is predominant in New York and Paris) Elevator Parking System may not just take their residents quickly to their condominiums, but also shuttle them to their cars. As per reports, this is the first ever 18-story condominium in Toronto featuring this distinguishing and flexible elevator parking system. The buildings reside on a hill offering stunning views of Toronto.

The new system that will eliminate ramps and reduce the use of lights and ventilation will help to optimize space and efficiency of the garage. Residents with a spot – priced at $35,000 – can fetch their cars with a handheld remote.

Residents will use a handheld remote control fob to summon elevators to take them to their cars. On pushing the fob button, the lift will come down to take people down to either 2 levels above grade or 3 levels below grade, wherever the parking spot is assigned. The parking garage will include two lifts.

The building will include 93 one to three-bedroom suites retail space and private amenities such as fitness center, restaurants and a multipurpose room (in the fifth floor) with a kitchen, dining area and terrace with barbecues. The condominiums are expected to open by the end of 2017.