A wheelchair lift allows wheelchair users to navigate all areas of their home easily and safely. Ideal for low rise travel, the device allows users to move up and down the levels of a building without having to get out of their wheelchair, scooter or power chair. Accessibility equipment companies supply various models of wheelchair lifts in New Jersey.

Here are some important points to consider before buying one:

  • Type of lift – There are vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts. Vertical platform lifts are used to overcome differences in height ranging from two feet to about twelve feet, inside or outside the home. They do not require a separate machine room. Inclined platform lifts on the other hand, use a metal track attached to the wall of the stairs that runs its entire length and the wheelchair user is carried up the stairs on a platform attached to the metal track.
  • Length of the platform – Wheelchair lifts are designed as per prescribed codes and standards and can safely accommodate mobility devices of all sizes. While choosing a wheelchair lift model, make sure that the length of the platform is sufficient enough to accommodate the mobility equipment being lifted from one level to another.
  • Location – Deciding the location is an important factor to consider before installing a residential wheelchair lift. The area chosen for the lift should be one that the wheelchair user has the most difficulty in accessing. The lift should be placed in an area that has a smooth and perfectly leveled mounting space. The landing space must be structurally sound and the travel wall should not have any gaps.
  • Floor space – Choose a lift that will fit well in the available space. Inclined platform lifts can be easily fitted to stairs and do not require any separate space or room for installation. Vertical platform lifts require separate space as they are typically installed away from the stairs.
  • Ceiling height – The height of the ceiling is an important consideration. Vertical lifts may look inappropriate or bulky if the ceiling is too low. Measure the height from the ground floor to the upper landing floor and choose a wheelchair lift that would fit into the available space.
  • Safety mechanisms – Top models of wheelchair lifts come with premium safety features and easy-to-use controls to ensure safe and convenient floor-to-floor access. Safety features to look for when buying one include emergency brake system, under-pan obstruction sensors, non-skid platform, keyed, constant pressure controls on platform, audio-visual alarm and automatic self-lowering folding ramp.
  • Load capacity – Choose a wheelchair lift that comes with good load capacity. Top models of wheelchair lifts offer a load capacity ranging from 500-750 lbs.
  • Budget – Before choosing a device, compare features and prices and buy one that meets your individual needs and budget. The price of your platform lift will depend on your choice of lift configuration and options.

Choose the Right Dealer

When it comes to buying wheelchair lift, make sure you buy this from a licensed dealer. With a reliable dealer, you would be assured of competitive pricing as well as efficient installation and maintenance services to keep your mobility equipment in excellent working condition all the time.