Staircases can add to both elegance and functionality in the home. However, they can act as a barrier for people with mobility issues (due to an injury, ill health or old age). When faced with mobility challenges, these individuals may feel that they have no other option than to go to a new home or choose more limited accommodation. Stair lifts can be a practicable solution in such situations. These accessibility devices enhance the mobility and

independence of people by allowing smooth and safe access between floors.

Here are the important reasons why investing in a stair lift is useful

  • Regain independence – A stairlift helps people with mobility challenges to regain their independence. It can be depressing if they need to depend on others to move from floor to floor. Installing a stairlift solves this problem as it would allow them to move easily, safely and conveniently between different floors of the house.
  • Eliminate risks of falls or injuries – Home safety is a major concern for many people, especially for the elderly with mobility issues. As people get older, there are chances that problems may occur with balance, vision, and strength that can put them at the risk of being seriously injured when using stairs. Every year, thousands of elderly people are admitted to hospitals due to injuries related to falls on stairs. Such injuries can result in bruises, broken bones or even death. Installing a stair lift helps reduce the risk of injuries on the stairs.
  • Relief from temporary disabilitiesStair chair lifts can act as a great mobility aid in situations when people have suffered a recent injury or have had an operation or are recovering from one.
  • Improve well-being – People with chronic cardiovascular disease may struggle when it comes to climbing stairs. Having a straight or curved stair lift can help resolve the problem as allows them to go up and down the stairs without compromising their well-being.

As people get older their security needs also change. If you have an elderly family member, it is important to evaluate and understand these changing needs and install such mobility devices to improve safety at home.