Stairs, curbs, thresholds and narrow passages usually pose challenges for older adults and people with mobility challenges. Making public places accessible to this segment of people has become more important than ever before. Commercial elevators are designed to improve accessibility in public buildings. Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators are designed for low-rise public buildings such as hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, hotels and recreation centers.

When compared to residential elevators, LULA systems come with higher loading capacity and bigger car size. A perfect blend of the features of a traditional elevator and a wheelchair lift, a LULA elevator can transport a large number of people including wheelchair users and heavy goods to different floors of a building. These devices are quite feasible, more cost-effective, and require less space than standard elevators.

The following are the top models of LULA elevators available in leading accessibility equipment companies in New York:

  • Orion LULA – The Orion from Savaria comes with a 1400 lb capacity and delivers a safe and quiet ride. It is an ideal choice for educational settings, places of worship and professional offices with up to 3 levels. Featuring a hydraulic drive system, this fully automatic operated unit travels at a nominal speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s) with up to 6 stops (subject to local code requirements). A submersed pump and motor ensure quiet operation. Prominent safety features include – emergency manual lowering, safety brakes, negative pressure valve and emergency stop and alarm buttons.
  • Journey LULA – Featuring a state-of-the-art drive system, the Journey from Cambridge Elevating is an ideal option for schools, churches, libraries, multi-story housing and other low-rise commercial buildings. With a total weight capacity of weight 1,400 lbs, this device travels at a rated speed of 30 feet/minute. Other features include – hands-free ADA phone, emergency lowering/battery back-up system, fire-rated automatic sliding doors and fire-rated plastic laminate wall panels.
  • Tiger Lift ® LULA – The Tiger Lift ® from Elevator Concepts/Wurtec is suitable for small office buildings, churches, private organizations and public buildings. This elevator comes in two variants – manual door and power door. Microprocessor control, leveling anti-creep operation, two-speed valve and car safety switch and rupture valve are some of the key features of this accessibility system.

Always make sure that you choose a reliable dealer for purchasing commercial LULA elevators in New York. A reliable dealer will help customers choose the right model for their application. In addition, they will provide customized and timely services for installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and repair.