Aging and mobility problems can make using stairs difficult, especially outdoor stairs that lead from the doorway or porch to the garden. Installing an outdoor stair lift is the ideal solution to this problem. Designed to provide the user with a hassle-free ride over external stairs, the device allow users to access the sidewalk, garden or boathouse – smoothly and safely. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer durable, weather-resistant outdoor stair chair lifts in New Jersey.

These devices come equipped with a wide range of safety features:

  • Weatherproof components – Top models of outdoor stair chair lifts are equipped with a weatherproof cover that guarantees extra protection against harsh weather conditions. The durable, corrosion-resistant material keeps it rust-free.
  • Swivel seat – Exiting at the top of a stair case, while using a stair lift is a complex task for people with mobility issues. Twisting the body to step sideways or stretching at an angle to reach the landing could result in awkward footing or loss of balance. The stairlift’s swivel seat allows the user to directly turn towards the landing and exit forward safely, without having to twist the body.
  • Safety belt – A common feature in stair lifts, the seat belt (in the form of a lap belt) prevents the user from falling out of the seat while travelling.
  • Speed governor – The speed governor prevents dangerous speed levels. It ensures that the lift carriage does not speed up immediately on its way up or down the stairs.
  • Safety sensors – Located on the footrest of the carriage, these sensors will detect an obstruction on the stairs (such as pets or dropped items), stopping the lift operation immediately. Top models of stair lifts are equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors around the footrest, stopping the seat from crushing anything which may come in its way.
  • Padded seat and backrest – Padded seat and backrest ensures that the outdoor stair chair lift offers a safe and convenient ride.
  • Emergency stop button – This button stops the lift movement quickly (in case of emergencies) without any sudden jerking movements.
  • Safety switch – Safety switch (a lockable on/off switch) ensures that the lift chair is perfectly locked in to a safe position before lift carriage starts moving on the track.
  • Remote control – Remote controls allow the user to operate (‘call’ or ‘send’) the lift up and down the staircase.
  • Dual mechanical and electrical braking system – The braking system prevents the uncontrolled descent of the stair lift in the event of motor failure.

To buy an outdoor stair chair lift in New Jersey, locate a reliable authorized dealer. An established dealer will guide you in choosing a stairlift with the safety features you need. They will also provide customized installation and efficient and timely maintenance support.