Stairlifts have become a popular addition in residential and commercial buildings that do not have space to install elevators. However, like any other mechanical device, stair lift components can wear out over time due to regular use. Bad weather conditions can also damage parts and hinder operation. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep your device in good working condition, ensure that it functions reliably and safely all the time, and extend its lifespan. The most common components that require maintenance are the movable parts and batteries. Here are some tips for maintaining your stair chair lift

  • The tracks on your lift should be lubricated once in every three months as this will prevent potential issues related to movement deterioration. Always disable the device (by removing the key) before cleaning the track. Clean the tracks with a dampened cloth to remove dust or pet hair. Once the track is clean, grease it with an approved lubricant.
  • Inspect the track and wheels to make sure that there are no cracks or breaks and that they are in good working condition. If a wheel does not rotate freely, it should be replaced.
  • The stair lift battery and movable parts (such as swiveling areas on the chair) are the ones that are most frequently used. Batteries need to be charged completely. Typically, they need to be replaced every 1-2 years (depending on use and as defined in the owner’s manual). Keep the battery charger in a safe and dry spot so as to avoid condensation in the charger to occur.
  • Inspect the swivel seat for any specific broken components and replace them if necessary. Depending on the environment and extent of usage, it is important to lubricate swivel seat every 6-12 months.
  • If the stair chair lifts have trailing cables, inspect them thoroughly for any cracks. For indoor trailing cables, lubricate them with talcum powder. For outdoor trailing cables, use silicone spray.
  • Check all mounting bolts and screws and make sure that they are tight and make adjustments if necessary.

Regular preventive maintenance of stair lift helps keep the device in good working condition. Relying on professional stairlift maintenance services is definitely a better option than attempting any serious work on your own. Established lift companies offering these services will have a team of certified factory-trained mechanics who can carry out the repair, cleaning, and lubrication tasks and ensure that your lift works perfectly.