With the increasing number of elderly citizens and people with mobility challenges, making public places accessible to this segment has become important than ever. Commercial elevators enhance accessibility in public buildings. When compared to residential elevators, commercial models have heavier loading capacity and bigger car size. In addition, they can transport a large number of people, including wheelchair users and even heavy goods, to the various floors of a building. There are different types of elevators for commercial applications and Limited-Use/Limited-Application (LULA) elevators are designed for low-rise commercial buildings. The Journey LULA from Cambridge Elevating is a quality model which is ideal for commercial establishments such as schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing or other low-rise public buildings.

Featuring a load capacity of 1,400 lbs, this elevator has a state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system and controls and offers safe, smooth and quiet operation. It travels at a nominal speed of 30 feet/minute.

With tactile controls and a self-leveling option, this elevator can travel up to a maximum height of 25 feet. The commercial lift is also equipped with a wide range of safety features such as emergency lighting, emergency stop alarm and emergency lowering/battery back-up system. Other standard features and options include:

  • ASME A17.1-2007 / CSA B44-07 Code Compliance
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Self-leveling
  • Reinforced, structural steel sling
  • Illuminated push buttons
  • Fire-rated sliding hoistway doors, laminate wall panels
  • Automatic or key control
  • Power supply: 208V, 3 PH, 20 Amp, 60 HZ
  • Power-operated swing doors
  • Optional fire-rated cab gates
  • Line rupture valve
  • Hands free ADA phone
  • Drive type: 2:1 hydraulic cylinder
  • Cab Size: Up to18 square feet
  • Cab Height: 86” standard cab height
  • Options: stainless steel and colored laminate interior finishes
  • Thru-cab or 90 degree cab configurations

With its custom cab sizes and various finish options, the Journey LULA elevator can easily blend into any type of décor.