Are you looking for a safe solution to resolve the accessibility problems posed by an outdoor staircase? Harmar’s safe and efficient SL350OD outdoor stairway chair lift is a good choice. Designed for long term outdoor use, the device comes with weatherproof protection to overcome the challenges posed by wind, rain, snow and temperatures from 0° to 125° degrees. It constantly charges when parked at the top and bottom landings, assuring operation even during power outages. It has a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating and also. The key technical specifications of this straight stairlift include:

  • Weight capacity – 350lbs (160kg)
  • Speed – 20 fpm
  • Drive system-Cable drive

This model can be easily installed on either side of the staircase. For additional protection, the lift comes with header, internal chassis and large weatherproof covers. It also features constant-pressure rocker controls to stop operation immediately if the control is released. Other safety features:

  • Limit switches
  • Final limit switch
  • Slack-cable brake w/switch
  • Foot rest obstruction switch
  • Swivel seat cut-off switch

There are separate controls available at the top and bottom of stairs. The seats swivel at the upper landing for easier entry and exit.

Harmar stairlifts come in a range of styles with attractive seating and custom options to blend with the home decor. Upholstery color options include light almond, evergreen, and mocha. They are designed to allow space on the staircase for pedestrians.

Purchase of a Harmar SL350OD outdoor stairway chairlift from a reliable accessibility equipment dealer in NY will ensure customized installation and good after-sales support.