Elevators have become indispensable in multi-story commercial and residential buildings. While it is crucial to invest in a good quality, safe elevator suitable for your setting, it also necessary to ensure that it is properly maintained. Timely elevator inspection and maintenance promotes user safety and also extends the longevity of the device. Maintaining elevators is a key aspect in good building management.When an elevator is installed in a building, it is expected to last for a long time. However, as it ages, signs of wear and tear start appearing. The safety of elevator users can be ensured by identifying minor damages through timely elevator maintenance performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions specify the type of maintenance, period, settings, tolerance values, and operating conditions. Maintenance has to be done before the system goes out of order and a reliable elevator company that provides these services will store spare parts and use original materials for replacement. Elevator maintenance helps avoid major replacements and prolongs the life of elevators. Even if the maintenance is properly done, elevators may eventually overhaul and the system will have to be replaced. The process of upgrading the critical parts of the elevator fully or partially is referred to as modernization that helps to handle new technology, better performance, avoid breakdowns and accidents, and improve safety. In fact, thorough inspections combined with routine maintenance can considerably increase productivity by eliminating downtime, and can also decrease energy consumption by up to 15%. Some common elevator issues that can be resolved through maintenance are listed below:

  • Power failure – power quality surveys can uncover common faults like under/over voltage. As elevators require large supply of power from commercial building utility systems, motor operations can be affected by these voltage updates and can even cause damage to the elevator.
  • Worn sheaves can be solved by either replacing or regrooving sheaves
  • Contamination occurs due to improper lubrication or due to worn-out seals.
  • Bearing malfunctions and vibrations in bearings.

Other problems include levelling issues, strange noises, slowing of movement, alarm bells that do not work, and doors closing on riders. It is therefore vital to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and adheres to the specified codes and regulations. Conducting yearly elevator inspections will make it easier to detect specific issues related to the functioning of the system. A reliable elevator company in New York would offer efficient and timely elevator maintenance services and elevator inspection for the smooth and safe functioning of the equipment they supply.