Serving NY, NJ and Long Island, DAY Elevator & Lift has provided efficient installation and prompt maintenance support for diverse businesses. We focus on providing optimal solutions within the required timeframe. We recently installed a giant lift for Jaguar Great Neck, a professional Jaguar repair and auto service in NY.

The Challenge

Material lift installation can be really challenging. Material lifts have to be strong and reliable so that heavy loads can be transported from one level to another. Jaguar Great Neck called us for a suitable material lift to facilitate access to their parts storage and warehouse on the 2nd floor. Our challenge was to find the right product that can ensure safe transportation of people and heavy materials between the two floors.

The Solution

After reviewing the client’s needs and considering all design and construction issues, we decided to install a material lift from Giant Lift Equipment Mfg Co Inc, a leading manufacturer who’s been designing and manufacturing lifts and lifting devices since 1972. These material lifts come with top quality standards, performance, advanced safety features and stability. They can be custom-made to suit your commercial requirements. Our Giant Lift installation simplified the client’s tasks of warehouse stock lifting and heavy duty item handling.

Our client Jaguar Great Neck is very happy with the material lift we chose and installed for them. They appreciate the fact that this lift was chosen with great care, ensuring that they are making a worthy investment.

We know that each material lift installation is unique and ensure that even the minutest details are attended to. Our focus is always on providing the premium equipment for our clients that are safe and efficient. Our team also offers repair and maintenance services, and safety inspection for all the products we supply.

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