There are many ways to make a building eco friendly from the lighting and materials used to HVAC systems and having proper insulation. One area that most people don’t think about is elevators. In this article we are going to discuss some of the latest options to ensure your building is equipped with eco friendly elevators.

Even though elevators are essential in tall buildings they can be harmful to the environment and use a lot of energy. Due to so many people moving to urban areas and an increased awareness of environmentalism there is now demand for tall buildings that are environmentally friendly. This is something builders, architects and engineers need to keep in mind. 

Features Of Eco Friendly Elevators

Regenerative Drives

Typically anytime an elevator stops at a floor there is a loss of energy. Regenerative drives is a new type of technology that actually recovers used up energy and puts it to use again. In a building that has high traffic where elevators are constantly starting and stopping this can help conserve power and reduce the need for machine room cooling. This will not only help conserve energy but it can also save money. 

Destination Control Systems

Another way to make elevators more energy efficient is to utilize destination control softwares. The main reason for this system is to reduce wait time for passengers but it also reduces the energy usage. The algorithms in a destination control software are able to group passengers based on what floor they are going to. This will lessen the number of stops an elevator has to make and also only use the number of elevators necessary. 

Solar Powered Elevators

Solar technology has many applications and we are slowly beginning to see it being used in elevators. At the moment solar powered elevators are not widely available but as the technology improves they are becoming more common. Similar to how solar panels on the roof of a building can power a home they can power the elevator’s motor. 

In-Cab Sensors

In-cab sensors have the ability to set an elevator in idle mode when no one is inside. This means that the lights and ventilation system turns off conserving energy. Once someone enters the elevator the sensors will then activate and turn these systems on. This can be beneficial when you have multiple elevators in a building. 

LED Lighting

Usually elevators have fluorescent lighting, making the switch to LED lighting can have a huge impact on energy consumption. In addition to being eco-friendly LED lights also reduce maintenance costs since they last longer than fluorescent lights and don’t need to be replaced as often.   

Eco-Friendly Materials

Just like with the construction of the building itself you can use eco-friendly materials when building the elevator. This doesn’t necessarily reduce energy consumption but using materials such as bamboo and recycled steel will reduce the overall impact on the environment. 

Energy-Efficient Doors

Energy-efficient doors are designed to reduce air leakage. This can help save energy over time in buildings with high traffic where doors are constantly opening and closing. 

Double Deck Elevators

In double deck elevators one cab will stop on even numbered floors and one will stop on odd number floors. By doing so this helps reduce the number of stops which reduces energy consumption. This is a good option for mid-rise and high-rise buildings. 

The Bottom Line

Companies in every industry are grappling with how to make their products and services environmentally safe. The same goes for the elevator industry. Whether it’s by reducing energy consumption or the materials being used we can all work together to save the planet.

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