Wheelchair users sometimes need to access stages and high platforms. Leading manufacturers of accessibility equipment such as Ascension offer quality portable platform lifts to meet these requirements. These devices allow wheelchair users to access stages and platforms at small heights during events. Protégé and Virtuoso are two premium quality portable Ascension wheelchair lifts for building owners, facility managers, and architects.

Both these models come with a standard 20-year drive train and 5-year parts warranty. They feature a unique electro-hydraulic drive system that is fully contained within both sides of the lift. These platform lifts feature a lifting capacity of 750 pounds. Protégé: For a simple and quick event setup, this low-rise vertical model can be a good choice. It is fully portable and easily movable by one person. It can be used by wheelchair users for elevation changes up to 42″ high. The absence of a machine tower ensures no obstruction of viewing lines and its built-in casters ensure portability and easy movement over hard, level surfaces. Its slim profile platform frame eliminates the need for a pit or access ramp on the lower landing side.

Virtuoso: This model is safe, attractive, durable, and user-friendly, and assures quiet operation. One lift can provide accessibility in multiple locations and is easily storable when not in use. It can be relocated through doorways as narrow as 36″ using the compression feature. It features all important safety measures such as a grounded electrical system, emergency stop button at the passenger control station, constant pressure operating switches, and self-closing platform gates. These portable platform lifts are widely used in educational institutions, convention centers, government facilities, historic buildings, auditoriums, hotels, conference centers, museums, parks, arenas, places of worship, and recreational facilities.

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