When you live in a beautiful home, moving out due to an aging disability or medical condition is an extremely difficult decision to make. By installing a Visilift elevator, you can stay in your home and also compliment its design.

What makes Visilift home elevators so special is their fully self-contained design and attractive appearance. They come in two models – Round and Octagonal. Both systems have a self-contained hoistway and do not need a pit or machine room. They can also easily integrate into an existing home or a new one.

The aesthetically designed Visilift systems come with clear acrylic-glass panels which provide users an unobstructed 360 degree view of their home. They are a work of art and complement your home. The interior is illuminated with a recessed ceiling light. While the classic Visilift Round has a curved cylindrical shape, the sleek Octagonal model features a unique folded corner design These systems comply with ASME A17.1-2007 Section 5.3 for Private Residences and ASME A18.1 for Commercial Applications. They come with several safety features which include:

  • two independent cables that lift and lower the car
  • four emergency brakes that can stop the car if one cable were to fail
  • multiple electronic sensors to ensure all doors are closed before operation
  • many safety switches
  • automatic battery lowering so that the car will descend to a lower level if a power outage occurs
  • automatic emergency cab lighting system for added safety

Other features common to both Visilift models:

  • Flexible configurations to meet many diverse needs
  • Can accommodate a wheelchair
  • Travel height – 50 feet
  • Winding drum system utilizes two aircraft cables to move safely and quietly
  • Load capacity: Round – up to 839 pounds; Octagonal – up to 744 pounds
  • Speed: 30 feet per minute

There are slight differences between the Visilift systems. While the Round can install up to five floors, the Octagonal can install in applications from 2-6 stops.

With a footprint of only 48 inches compared to the Round model’s 58 inches, the Visilift Octagonal is a unique option for a home or commercial setting. While the circular elevator is often placed within a spiral staircase, builders wrap up square stairs around the octagonal model.

In most cases, the only modifications needed to install a Visilift product is dedicated power to the location of the unit and a round hole in the proper location. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment in New York supply Visilift elevators and also provide customized installation services.