If a commercial building has multiple floors, it is important to make it fully accessible to all. Commercial elevators are a popular option to provide access in multistory public buildings. These robust systems are designed to transport a large number of people (including wheelchairs and mobility scooters) and heavy goods. Commercial elevators feature a bigger car size and heavier loading capacity than home elevators. Established dealers in accessibility equipment offer top quality Savaria commercial elevators in New Jersey. These specialized systems are designed for limited use/limited application (LU/LA) commercial projects.Ideal for use in places of worship, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and more, Savaria LULA elevators take up very little space. With features of a high-rise elevator but built for commercial low-rise buildings, these systems offer safe, smooth and quiet operation. These LULA elevators comes integrated with innovative features like –

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Submersed pump and motor
  • Two-speed sliding doors
  • Variable speed pressure valve
  • Modular rail design for easy construction
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Digital display

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Savaria LULA Elevators in Two Models

Savaria LULA commercial elevators come in two models: Orion LULA and Orion 17

  • Orion LULA – A fully enclosed commercial model, the Orion LULA elevator comes with a large cab and optional two-speed sliding doors. It comes with a standard capacity of 1400 lb (635 kg) and travels at a nominal speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s) with up to 6 stops (subject to local code requirements). Featuring a fully automatic operation, the device comes with a high efficiency hydraulic drive system and submersed pump and motor that ensures a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Orion17 – The Savaria Orion17 Elevator features fully automatic hydraulic operation and can service up to 6 stops. Less costly than a full passenger elevator, this model is perfect for use in educational settings, places of worship, and up to 3-story professional offices. Available in 2 standard sizes for type 1 and type 2 cabs, the Orion17 comes with features found in high-rise elevators. Some of the other additional features include – hydraulic drive system, two-speed steel doors, fire rated landing doors, automatic cab on/off interior lighting and digital display in car operating panel.

Choose a Reliable Dealer in Accessibility Equipment

Establishments looking to buy Savaria commercial elevators in New Jersey need to locate a reliable dealer in accessibility equipment. Partnering with an established dealer will ensure efficient installation, timely inspection and testing, and seamless maintenance support.