Elevators make life easier for those who have difficulty with stairs and are a practical option for older adults who want to stay in their multistory homes. Pneumatic elevators work on air pressure and are ideal when space is a constraint. With atmospheric pressure on top of the cab and under the cab, these small vacuum-like systems ensure a smooth ride inside buildings with two to four stories.

Unique, Easy-to-install Residential Vacuum Elevator

The three basic components of a pneumatic elevator are: a cylindrical structure made of aluminum and polycarbonate, a passenger car that moves through the cylinder, and a series of vacuum turbines that provide power. This system is different from a conventional lift in many ways:

  • Moves up and down using the force of suction or air pressure
  • Features a cylindrical cab built into the ceiling
  • Less complex as there are no pulley or cable systems to operate
  • Fewer mechanical parts – reduces chances of malfunction
  • Do not require extensive structural modifications to install
  • Cost-effective option for homes with limited space
  • Simple controls, easy to use and maintain
  • Energy-efficient, use only a small amount of electricity

These pneumatic lifts owe much of their popularity to the fact that they come with a small footprint and require no excavating pit or hoistway. They also do not require any costly modifications or maintenance.

Purchase a Quality Pneumatic Lift

If you think a vacuum elevator will serve your needs, choose a model from Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC. This manufacturer offers three models: PVE30 for a single passenger, PVE37 for two passengers and PVE52 which can accommodate three passengers and a wheelchair. These systems are fully certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

All of PVE’s vacuum home lift systems have a traveling speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s) and travel up to a height of 35 feet (10.5m) with four stops. Moreover, they come with a host safety features such as mechanical emergency brakes, electromechanical interlocks at each landing, and safe automatic descent in the event of power failure. Customers can also opt for an alarm system and telephone.

Leading dealers in New York and New Jersey offer these vacuum home elevators. The right dealer will help you choose the right model for your needs and also provide customized installation support.