Residential elevators improve accessibility in both new and existing homes. If you are looking for a looking for a stylish, safe, eco-friendly system, consider a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE). Suitable for both new and existing homes, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are environmentally friendly systems powered by air. Built with aluminum and polycarbonate panels, these light but sturdy structures provide safe and comfortable vertical transport in homes.Fully certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, these vacuum home lift systems are easy to install, maintain, and operate. They do not require any pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room. Other standard features include –

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Uses air pressure to lift and gently lower the cabin
  • Requires a very small amount of electricity
  • Minimal maintenance (no lubricants or regular service required)
  • Safe automatic descent in the event of power failure

Pneumatic Vaccuum Elevators in Three Models

PVEs come in three different models – single passenger, two-passenger, and three- passenger (wheelchair-accessible).

  • PVE30 – With a compact design, this elevator fits well with wrap-around stairs, through floor, or attaching to balcony. It takes up only minimal space and can be set up quickly as it requires no pre-construction shaft, pit or separate machine room. This single passenger elevator can travel to a maximum height of 50 ft (15m) at a speed of 30 ft/min with up to two to five stops.
  • PVE37 – Suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications, the PVE37 elevator can accommodate passengers, suitcases, pets, household items, and so on. This two- passenger model home elevator comes with a maximum load capacity of 450 lbs and nominal speed of 30 fpm with up to 2 to 4 stops. The device’s safety system is designed to automatically switch to a slow descent when the power goes out and the mechanical brakes engage automatically in an emergency.
  • PVE52 – The PVE52 can easily accommodate a person in a wheelchair with an attendant or up to three adults. It travels up to 35 feet with up to two to four stops. Other standard features include – mechanical emergency brakes, electromechanical interlocks at each landing, alarm system and telephone (optional).

Choose a Reliable Dealer

Dealers offering home elevators in New York, also provide professional installation as well as timely support for maintenance, testing, and inspection.