Designed for low-traffic, low-rise installations, LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevators are different from standard passenger lifts. This makes them the ideal option for commercial buildings with up to three stories. In fact, many offices, restaurants, and retail stores in New York are equipped with these LULA systems. They require less space and cost less than standard elevators and are a more feasible option in settings where a form of vertical access such as a platform lift would otherwise not be provided.

Blending the features of a traditional elevator and a wheelchair lift, a LULA system is designed to enhance accessibility for wheelchair users or people with disabilities. It can carry a single person in a wheelchair from floor to floor in a commercial building. LULA systems are therefore a feasible choice for businesses that need to improve accessibility for wheelchair users but have limited funds and not enough space for a conventional elevator. They require less space to install and are therefore suitable for office buildings with limited space. For instance, Savaria’s Orion requires a pit depth of just 14″ (355 mm) and minimum overhead of 120″ (3048 mm) and is easier to accommodate than standard commercial elevators. It comes with a weight capacity of 1400 lb (635 kg) and spacious cabs are available.

LULA elevators also come with several standard safety features. These include emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, emergency manual lowering, safety brakes, floor specific battery lowering, negative pressure valve.

Maintenance costs are also lower for a LULA system. This makes it a more cost-effective option for a business with a limited budget. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about maintenance if you buy your system from a reliable elevator company in New York. Such companies provide excellent post-sales support with installation, maintenance, inspection and testing services.