Inclined platform lifts are built to carry a person seated in a wheelchair up and down a stairway safely, smoothly and comfortably. Ideal for use in homes and commercial buildings, these devices enhance mobility and independence of wheelchair users. Leading mobility equipment dealers in New York offer advanced inclined platform lift models for both straight and curved stairs.Available in a variety of designs and specifications, inclined platform lifts can be easily installed, often without making any major structural changes. These lifts are designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be folded up compactly when not in use, leaving the stairs free for other users. They come with a range of features and specifications to ensure a smooth, safe ride. The safety features of inclined platform lifts include –

  • Slack cable switch and upper / lower limit switches
  • Security locks
  • Obstruction sensors on access ramps
  • Motorized safety arms
  • Mechanical emergency brake
  • Keyed continuous pressure controls
  • Overspeed governor

Top Inclined Platform Lift Models available in New York

Reliable mobility equipment suppliers in New York offer premium quality wheelchair lifts from leading manufacturers such as Savaria and Harmar –


  • Delta – Designed for use with a single level of straight stairs, the Delta is a good choice for schools, churches and other public buildings. It features an unobtrusive design and easy-to-use controls. The device comes in an ADA-compliant size, allowing easy access to stairs when not in use. It is an ideal option when an elevator or vertical lift cannot be installed due to space and cost constraints. As the drive system is housed with the lift, no additional machine room is needed.
  • Omega – This platform lift is an ideal option for multiple levels, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings. It comes with a load capacity of 550 lb (250 kg) travels at a speed of 14 ft/min (0.071 m/s). It can be installed on inside or outside curved stairs, including stairs with a very tight turning radius. It also comes with a sleek and compact foldaway design and optional out-of-the-way parking.


  • IL500 Sierra – Designed for residential applications, this platform lift can easily transport a user in a manual wheelchair up a straight stairway. It comes with a load capacity of 500lbs with an integrated seat option. It features auto-folding ramps on both ends of the platform and wall-mounted guide rail and a unique drive system. The device mounts to the stairs (not the wall) and does not require wall modifications, saving significant time and installation costs.

Purchase of inclined platform lifts in New York from an established supplier of accessibility equipment will ensure many benefits. In addition to competitive prices, an established dealer will provide excellent support for installation and maintenance.