Inclined platform lifts are an ideal option for wheelchair users to move up and down staircases. These accessibility devices are convenient and easy to operate and are ideal for use in settings where there is no adequate space to install a vertical platform lift. Leading dealers of accessibility systems offer premium quality residential inclined platform lifts in New York. Savaria inclined platform lifts are available in innovative designs and specifications.

Inclined platform lifts are specially designed to hold the additional weight of electric wheelchairs.These lifts do not require any extra space in your home as they can be directly installed on the stairways without making any structural modifications. Moreover, they can be fitted on either straight or curved stairways and can be programmed for multiple stops in larger homes.

Here are some top models of inclined platform lifts available in New York

  • Savaria Delta – Installed along stanchions or a side wall, the Delta easily glides along its rail and carries a wheelchair-bound passenger safely over a straight line of stairs. It easily folds up when not in use, leaving the stairs unobstructed. This straight stair lift comes with a standard weight capacity of 550 lb (250 kg) and travels at a nominal speed of 20 ft/min (0.1 m/s). This model does not require any machine room as the motor is housed on board the unit.
  • Savaria Omega – The Omega requires minimal construction and can be installed along the side of the stairs on either inside or outside curves. Constant pressure buttons ensure ease of use. The device is integrated with a wide range of safety features such as non-skid platform (with side safety flaps), overspeed governor, emergency stop button, sensor system on the platform, manual lowering device, power folding safety arms and keyed access for all call stations.

Partnering with a reliable dealer in inclined platform wheelchair lifts is important to ensure the best prices as well as efficient support for installation and maintenance.