An article from the Boston Globe “The rich are different. They have home elevators” explains how home elevators in NY have become increasingly popular over the years. It’s a fact that elevators and lifts have become more affordable now and many people are installing them in their new or existing homes. Ideal for aging parents or people with limited mobility, these devices improve the floor-to-floor accessibility of your residence and increase the value of your home.

Elevator lifts can offer your home a luxurious feel and are a practical solution for the elderly to access every level of their home. They are also helpful in moving heavy items like furniture, luggage, groceries and so on safely. Safety is a major concern with these systems at home as well as other buildings and taking this as a great consideration, the Federal Government has announced a grant of $1,54,000 for a senior residence in Hudson, New York to enhance their safety upgrades like replacing the building’s aged elevator that is almost 40 years old and prone to frequent breakdowns. This announcement is important and would ensure that the seniors have affordable, safe and dignified housing. Home elevators in NY can be purchased from an authorized dealer who can provide you the best manufactured systems for long-lasting service. Leading manufacturers Savaria, Cambridge Elevating, Visilift, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, Elevator Concepts by Wurtec and Stiltz provide a large selection of home elevators in New York. One of the manufacturers Visilift offers quality visilift glass elevators in New York that easily integrates with all architectural styles. To offer both comfort and a quick ride, these glass lifts employ solid state electronics and variable frequency technology. They offer two models:

  • Visi 48 (Visilift Round)
  • Visi 58 (Visilift Octagonal)

Both these elevator lifts are easy to install in both new and existing homes without any major modifications made to your home. They have common features such as automatic emergency cab lighting system, multiple electronic sensors, two independent cables and so on. They consume minimal floor space and are made of clear acrylic that offers an unobstructed view of your home.

According to Stephen Sampson, the state’s chief elevator inspector in Massachusetts, New York, “the number of home elevators in single family residences has increased by 40% over the past five years”.

To keep our aging parents, relatives and visitors happy and confident to move around the home, elevator lifts are surely an ideal option. With the rising adult population, the demand for home elevators is also rising. Always rely on the guidance provided by a professional company to purchase home elevators in NY. To ensure the smooth working of the lifts, these companies can provide excellent installation support as well as annual maintenance.