In the pursuit of creating inclusive and accessible spaces, modern architecture and design have embraced innovative solutions. One such solution that stands out in the realm of vertical transportation is the Limited Use Limited Application or LULA elevator. 

Tailored to meet the needs of low-rise buildings, LULA elevators offer a host of advantages that go beyond mere convenience. In this blog post, we will explore the distinct benefits that make LULA elevators a smart choice for architects, building owners, and occupants alike.

Advantages of LULA Elevators

  • Accessibility for All: LULA elevators are specifically designed to enhance accessibility in buildings with a limited number of floors or a limited area of service in a high rise setting such as accessing a rooftop area or an area in a newly divided space. These elevators provide a practical and efficient solution for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring that everyone can navigate the building easily and independently. With a spacious interior and user-friendly controls, LULA elevators prioritize inclusivity, making them an ideal choice for schools, churches, small office buildings, and other public spaces.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Compared to traditional commercial passenger elevators, LULA elevators are a more cost-effective option for low-rise buildings. Their design and functionality cater to buildings with a travel distance of up to 25 feet, making them a budget-friendly choice without compromising on accessibility standards. Building owners can invest in an elevator solution that meets code requirements and enhances the overall value of their property without breaking the bank.
  • Space Efficiency: LULA elevators are known for their compact design, requiring less space than standard elevators. This space efficiency is particularly advantageous in buildings with limited square footage. Architects can integrate LULA elevators seamlessly into existing structures or incorporate them into new designs without the need for extensive modifications. This feature is a game-changer for retrofits or additions to older buildings where space is often at a premium.
  • Code Compliance: LULA elevators are engineered to comply with relevant safety codes and standards, ensuring that buildings meet the necessary regulations. This compliance not only guarantees the safety of passengers but also streamlines the approval process during construction or renovation projects. Architects and builders can confidently integrate LULA elevators into their plans, knowing that these systems adhere to all the essential safety and accessibility guidelines.
  • Energy Efficiency: LULA elevators are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Their reduced size and weight contribute to lower energy consumption, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious projects. Building owners can benefit from reduced operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint, aligning with the growing trend of green building practices.

Our LULA Elevators

Key features include:

  • Maximum travel of 25 feet (7.6 m)
  • Maximum car size of 18 square feet (1.67 m2)
  • Maximum speed of 30 feet per minute
  • Maximum load capacity of 1400 lbs. (635 Kg)
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Braille markings on all controls
  • Two-speed horizontal sliding landing entrances and car doors
  • Audio/visual car direction indicator
  • Full-height photoelectric obstruction sensors
  • Automatic homing
  • Stainless steel push buttons for durability

Safety features comprise an emergency battery lowering system, emergency manual lowering valve, safety brake system, automatic bi-directional floor leveling, stop key switch, and an alarm button in the car. The LULA is available in five different configurations to suit diverse building needs, with each configuration having specific car sizes. Furthermore, the elevator adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other Accessibility Codes and Requirements.


In conclusion, the advantages of LULA elevators extend far beyond their functional purpose. These elevators embody a commitment to accessibility, cost-effectiveness, space efficiency, code compliance, as well as energy efficiency. 

As architects and builders seek innovative solutions for designing inclusive spaces, LULA elevators emerge as a compelling option for all buildings. By embracing this technology, we not only elevate our structures but also elevate the standards of accessibility and inclusivity within our communities.

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