Many people use elevators almost every day. There are certain basic rules which people are expected to follow while riding an elevator. Adhering to these rules while boarding, riding and exiting an elevator would ensure user safety and comfort. Here are some of the simple rules of etiquette which need to be followed while using this accessibility device:

  • Allow people to exit – While waiting for the lift, stand clear of the doors. Board the elevator only when you are sure that no one else is exiting. Never attempt to block the doors of the device or hold them open.
  • Know the direction – Users need to be sure about the direction they wish to travel before boarding as this will reduce the embarrassment of delaying the car.
  • Pressing the lift buttons – Don’t re-press the buttons for floors that a user has already pressed as this will not get you there any faster.
  • Personal space – Once you board in to a lift, face to the front side and stay that way for the duration of the ride. Avoid bumping into another passenger and if this happens accidentally, apologize immediately. Always respect the personal space of the other passengers.
  • Riding with baggage – If you want to take a lift and you have baggage, it is ideal to wait for an empty cab. However, if you enter an occupied cab with baggage, make sure that you place the bag in a way that you do not invade the personal space of the other users.
  • Keep conversations low – Never eat, smoke or talk on cell phone while in an elevator as this may irritate or disturb some of the co-riders. Most people prefer to ride a device in silence and if by any chance you have to speak to someone, keep your voice low.
  • Emergency button – The emergency stop button inside a lift must be used only during serious emergencies and not for a personal purpose.
  • Closing the lift door – The door close button must be pressed only when it is clear that no one else is attempting to board the device.
  • Reaching floor – If you are trapped inside a crowded lift and have reached your floor, announce to other riders that you need to get out and excuse yourself as you go past them.
  • Don’t block the way – If you happen to stand between someone who is struggling to exit a lift, step out to make room for them to leave and then re-board.

Following these simple rules of etiquette when on an elevator can ensure a pleasant experience for all.Elevator Etiquette