American Eagle Outfitters Store, a well-known New York retail store dealing in expertly crafted, high quality denim required a reliable dumbwaiter to improve transportation of goods within the building. The brand targets male and female college students with 949 American Eagle Outfitters stores, and 97 stand-alone and 67 side-by-side Aerie stores. However, older adults also wear the brand.

Being a leading provider of accessibility devices in New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator & Lift was consulted for the purchase and installation. DAY has a variety of dumbwaiters from leading manufacturers in their inventory. Customers can choose from different weight capacities when choosing commercial indoor dumbwaiters from Matot. These economical systems are offered in light, medium and heavy duty lifting models to cope up with specific needs of clients.

Taking into consideration the specific requirements of this client, the layout of the building and other relevant factors, DAY chose a quality commercial Matot dumbwaiter for them. With vast experience in installing commercial dumbwaiters in diverse settings such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, this elevator and lift company successfully completed the task within minimal time frame.

Trade coordination was a major challenge during the American Eagle Store project and the team at DAY made the most of their experience to handle the project well. The fire rating was only done to the exterior shaft and not the interior shaft of the dumbwaiter device. This led to an inspection failure until the GC fire rated the entire shaft. The client was very much satisfied with the work on project completion.

DAY has successfully installed superior quality accessibility equipment in supermarkets, banks, airports, educational facilities, places of worship, and hospitals among other settings. Customers can make their choice from a wide inventory of products from leading manufacturers at competitive pricing. Day Elevator and Lift Company is recognized for their reliable installation and after sales services such as timely inspection, maintenance and repair.