In multilevel homes, installing a stair chair lift is a good option as it is a great support for disabled or elderly people. Mobility impaired individuals and people with other health conditions such as arthritis, other bone and joint conditions, or knee problems have difficulty climbing and descending stairs. Stairways are always a challenge and pose risk for them. Falling down the stairs is a major concern. This restriction on their freedom of movement can be really distressing and frustrating. Residential stair chair lifts can help address this problem. With this equipment installed in their home, they no longer have to limit their movement in the house. They can be independent and access all levels of their home. Stair chair lifts are a great alternative if you are moving to a new house or renovating an old house.

Types of Stair Chair Lifts

There two major types of stair chair lifts, straight chair lifts and curved chairlifts. These climb up and down a stairway through an attached motorized rail. Straight stairlifts are designed for straight staircases. Curved stair chair lifts are meant for curved stairways. These help you to travel between the floors of your home easily even if you have several landings. Top quality lifts are provided with numerous features to maximize comfort, attractiveness and ease of use in the home. These can be customized to suit certain situations such as:

  • Perched seating
  • Seated or standing while riding
  • Outdoor/weather-proofing
  • Powered or manual hinge rail

Safety Features to Look for

  • Secure safety belts to ensure a safe ride: The safety belt around the waist ensures safe ride of the chair lift users.
  • Efficient key operations for easy use and avoiding misuse: Efficient placing of power button and navigation switches ensures easy operation.
  • Obstruction sensors to stop the device from colliding: It cuts the power supply when the sensors detect even the slightest obstruction. This helps in avoiding any accidents.

Benefits of Chair Lifts

  • Makes your entire home accessible. You can go anywhere you want in your home without being anxious about your safety.
  • Safe equipment that allows you to get in and out of the chair easily and safely. Seat belts ensure additional safety. There are built-in safety sensors that stop the chair in case there is some obstruction in its way. A battery backup is provided for unexpected power outages.
  • These can be custom-designed to suit your straight or curved staircase.

Residential stair chair lifts come in various designs and custom options to choose from. Make sure to choose a reliable accessibility equipment dealer in NY that ensures customized installation and maintenance services.