Vertical platform lifts are one of the most convenient and easy-to-install mobility devices that enable quick and easy access to different levels or floors of a multi storied building. They provide access to a porch or patio, to a public building or in a garage. The space required to accommodate a vertical lift varies with the type of lift you choose. When making a choice, it is important to consider the space the lift would occupy as well as the costs of construction. The price of vertical lifts varies with brand names, sizes and optional features.

It is advisable to work with an expert in the field to choose one that will fit within your budget. Here are some important things to consider when planning to install a vertical platform lift

  • Consider whether you need an enclosed lift or an unenclosed one.
  • Consider whether you need the lift for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Consider whether the lift is capable of reaching the required height.
  • The lift should be easy to operate.
  • Ensure that it provides the appropriate weight capacity to safely handle the user, their mobility equipment and the care provider.
  • The platform size should be such that it can accommodate the wheelchair, mobility scooter, etc.
  • Consider the drive mechanism, whether you want screw drives or hydraulic drives. Screw drives are more affordable but these can’t be used with a battery backup. Hydraulic drives are more expensive and complex, but can be used with a battery backup.
  • If using the lift for outdoor purposes, ensure that it is weather strong and can withstand hostile weather conditions.
  • Make sure that the lift has advanced safety features such as the following:
    • Manual system in case of a power outage or mechanical malfunction
    • Interlock mechanisms on doors and gates
    • Obstruction sensors
    • Handrails on platforms
    • Safety gates at locations when the lift platform is at a different level or where there is a drop-off
    • Proper lighting
    • Emergency telephone or other communication system on device

Consult a dealer who has expertise in selecting the right mobility device for their customers. A good dealer will not only help with the selection, but also ensure reliable installation and maintenance service for your vertical platform lift.