For people with limited mobility, climbing stairs or managing rooms on different levels of a building can be challenging and time consuming. Vertical platform lifts can resolve these issues by providing easy and flexible access to a raised deck, porch, or other elevations, and floor-to-floor access. These devices are safe and economical solutions when stairs are not a viable option.

The safety and convenience of the mobility challenged user are the major factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair lift. Popular manufacturers in New Jersey offer vertical platform lifts in a variety of designs integrated with high-end safety features. Below discussed are some of the main points to keep in mind before making a final decision regarding your vertical platform lift.

  • Loading capacity and space – Consider the total loading capacity of the device and check whether the lift can fully accommodate the size of the wheelchair. As the loading capacity of each lift model varies, it is important to select a model that correctly matches your specific wheelchair requirements.
  • Lifting height – For indoor wheelchair lift installation, measure the ceiling height and floor height of your building, from which the lifting height can be determined. On the other hand, for outdoor installation, it is important to measure the vertical height of the stairs or floor height directly to decide the lifting height. Errors in these calculations could lead to installation hassles or even failure.
  • Installation space – Decide in advance the exact location and installation space for the wheelchair lift, because it would be difficult to adjust or change the installation site of the lift once it is fully installed.
  • Design of the lift platform – The wheelchair lift platform should be designed keeping in mind two main factors – wheelchair structure and the simple access to enter the platform. Check out whether the platform size matches the wheelchair size and structure. In addition, more space should be reserved on the platform to adjust the direction of the wheelchair during the lifting and lowering process.
  • Safety features – Top models of vertical wheelchair lifts are integrated with a wide range of safety features that provide a safe and convenient ride to users and protect them from injuries. Some of the main safety features include – manual lowering valve, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, over speed governor, power folding safety arms, keyed access for call stations; sensor system on the platform, guardrails, safety doors with interlock, remote controller and emergency stop button that help prevent accidents when power failures or other emergencies happen.
  • Budget – Determine your individual needs and budget constraints, prior to purchasing a wheelchair lift. Reliable dealers offer quality devices equipped with the necessary safety features and specifications. Make sure that you choose a model that fits within your individual budget limit.

Make sure to consider the above mentioned points before buying a vertical platform lift. In addition, choose a reliable and established dealer that provides quality products along with professional installation, repair and maintenance services.