Renewed Focus on Home

What a difference a year makes.  2020 changed our “focus’ on how we live and work at home in unprecedented ways.  It forced us to adapt our everyday lifestyles and opened our eyes to aging in place – to reconsider how and where we want to live in the future.

One of the biggest changes from the Covid-19 pandemic was the rapid rise in searches for aging in place solutions and at-home independent living options as alternatives to nursing home and assisted living facilities.  Residential modifications can reduce care-giving in the peoples’ homes, particularly older people and people with a disability, keeping them safer and less exposed to the virus.  But overall, the idea of aging in place is about enjoying the comfort of one’s own home, knowing one can navigate from level-to-level and room-to-room.  Whether building a new home or retrofitting a current residence, consumers of all ages are now re-imagining the possibilities of staying in the safety and comfort in their home for the long term with innovative home elevator and lift solutions.

“In the past, most inquiries for aging in place and were for elderly and mobility restricted individuals, but now we are seeing an increase in middle age consumers planning for their own future.  Getting ahead of your aging in place plans while one is in their pre-retirement years ensures they are better able to manage that type of project.”- Evan Petrower – President of Day Elevator & Lift

Elevate Your Everyday with Home Elevators & Lifts

Residential elevator and lift systems can truly transform one’s life and longevity as they age gracefully at home.  Home modifications with these innovative products help maximize mobility, increase independence, and provide the freedom to live your best life at home for years to come.

Elevator: DAY Elevator & Lift offers a comprehensive range of space-saving, high-rise, and low-rise in-home elevator models from leading manufacturers.

Stairlift: A stairlift is a straightforward solution providing the user does not require a wheelchair and is able to transfer on their own (or with assistance). Whether you have a straight or curvy staircase, our customized mobility solutions can help you easily and safely navigate the stairs in your home.

Dumbwaiter: These devices can easily and safely transport everything from groceries, clothes, luggage, home supplies, and even firewood from floor-to-floor.

Advantages of Home Elevators & Lifts

Stress-free Solution to Moving
No matter your age, moving is extremely disruptive process.  Whether downsizing or transitioning to a retirement facility, packing up one’s home is stressful, disorienting, and expensive.  Installing an in-home lift system allows seniors to age in place, maintain independence, and provides a priceless emotional value offering a sense of familiarity, comfort, and security.

Financially Beneficial
When compared to the long-term financial costs of nursing home and assisted living, the cost of installing a residential lift really pays off.  It is estimated that the average cost of nursing home and assisted living facility can hit around $100K per year!   While modifying a home for aging in place comes with an initial price tag, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, seniors who choose to age in place can save thousands of dollars per month in care costs. And the benefits don’t stop there, according to, a home elevator can add to the property value by 10% or more. Learn more about adding an elevator to your home.

We’re Along for the Ride
At Day Elevator & Lift, we are here to help you navigate aging in place solutions. For each project, we can set up an evaluation at your home to review project details. All of this is at no cost to you.

With nearly 30 years of experience, let us lend our trusted expertise to create a customized plan that fits your home and lifestyle needs.  We provide accessibility equipment consultation, design and installation services for homeowners, builders, architects, and contractors in the New York and New Jersey area.

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